CRC's/L.O.'s - How Does the DebtDiscounts™ Affiliate Program Work?

DebtDiscounts™ is a financial automation marketing Company that enables professionals to monetize the financial service of debt relief without having to sell the service or know the specific information. We teach you everything. Members simply "Schedule an Appointment" for their client in our automated scheduling system. This means that you are scheduling a call back to to your Client by a Debt Processor. Their information is simply routed to the appropriate division to counsel them on their options while you go back to running your own business. Over time you'll see their progress in your CRM and then the earned commissions. It's a beautiful thing!

CRC's / L.O.'s - How Do I Schedule an Appointment for My Client?

You're going to login to your CRM (that we provide to you at no cost) and schedule a convenient time for your Client to speak with us, so we can provide them with options on only having to pay back 45% of what they owe, interest free. You'll see in your CRM the outcome of the 1st call and progress of your client, and of course, your commissions. 100% transparency.

CRC's / L.O.'s - How Do I Get Paid?

We pay you $175 upfront via direct deposit or check.

How do the pre-written personalized SMS messages work to my benefit?

SMS "Text Messages get looked at almost immediately. Our tailored short messages create calls to action for the people receiving them to click to your site and or call you. Huge Results.

How does the Automated Scheduling System work?

When your client is in need of one of our Service(s), simply input their information into the "Schedule an Appointment" or "Schedule Call Back

Do you provide a CRM?

Not only do our Members get a CRM they get the very best, as it's an automated marketing CRM. This means that not only do you have the "Mercedes Benz" of Customer Relationship Management platforms, but built in is the marketing engine that keeps you in constant contact with your clients via pre-written emails and SMS messages.

How much can I make?

You can earn nothing or over half a million dollars. The fastest way to get there is to become an Affiliate Recruiter, but not the only way. Before you ever get started, we will give you a consultation and discuss together the best ways to market our services and your best path for success. We will provide you a detailed spreadsheet of exactly how much you'll earn per deal, per month, per year. Yes, you can build a million dollar business.

What if I know other people or companies that want to become an Affiliate?

For those of you who know others that would also like to monetize the Services they don't provide, you will be compensated with a 10%-50% override on their commissions and membership fees. It's a beautiful thing to put people in business and earn without having to invest in them.

Do you provide training?

Training and Support Live consultations, videos, and email campaign assistance will all be available to you. However, the only thing you'll need to do is simply qualify your customers via our guidelines and then send in the referral. We'll do the rest. Each division will handle your clients specific debt and needs.

How long does it take to get my website up?

Your personalized automation marketing website which is loaded with 100+ emails and sms messages and integrated right into your CRM takes approximately 3-4 days to get up, as it's close to handmade. Once it's in your hands you're going to be fascinated.

How do I get access to my CRM?

Once you've become a Member you will be invited to set up your CRM.

The Process of making a Lifetime of income by helping your clients resolve their debt and better their Lives

Step 1: Qualify your customer via our Guidelines. We don't want to waste your Clients time. Step 2: Fill out the online Lead Form on your website, check off what services they need help with, and submit it. Step 3: A counselor from that specific program division will contact your client and walk them through that specific program, enroll them into your website scheduler, and handle customer service moving forward. If you submit a form for a customer that needs help with back taxes and needs credit card debts resolved, they will have two different counselors speaking with them at a scheduled time. Step 4: The deal closes, you get paid.

Do you have list of loan officers with cell phone #'s that I can call using your predictive dialer?

Our Pro Level Members have free access to our list of 2017 licensed loan officers, nationwide. Huge results when coupled with our dialer.

Can I upgrade my Membership in the future, so I receive greater commissions and overrides?

Absolutely and why wouldn't you! Once you've experience the power and ease of referring your clients, and actually monetizing (getting paid!) the services you don't provide you'll want more money!

I provide Credit Repair Services. How can I make more money with Debt Discounts?

Credit Repair Companies can instantly monetize their Clients in need of Federal Student Loan Consolidation. Also, the client now has 40-50 points added to their score. Otherwise, you see all the debt on their credit reports that we may be able to get rid of for them, so you earn again.

What type of training do you provide?

We pride ourselves on our ongoing training showing you how to monetize the services you're not providing.

I want to find more loan officers to send me their clients who need credit repair to get approved for their loan. Can you help me?

Not only can we help you, as we have the 2017 list of loan officers nationwide with cell phone numbers, but you have access to our dialer. It's awesome!

I have credit card debt and federal student loans. If I become an Affiliate do I get paid on my own deals?

Absolutely and many start that way. It's good to receive a direct deposit to your account for helping yourself save money!