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Start Providing Credit Card Debt
Relief Services To Your Clients
With NO Selling!


Help Your Clients Payback ONLY 45%
of What they Owe – Over 12-36 Months,
Interest Free!

How Does the DebtDiscounts™ Affiliate Program Work?

DebtDiscounts™ is a debt relief company that enables professionals to refer their clients for upfront commissions.

As a BROKER, you’re simply going to have your Clients (the loan officers/mortgage brokers and credit repair companies) “Schedule an Appointment” for their Client to speak with one of our debt counselors right on your website. Upon doing so, your client will be notified of this appointment and the process begins.

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The Process for Affiliates 

Step 1: Qualify your customer via our Guidelines. We don’t want to waste your Clients time.

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment for your Client.

Step 3: One of our Debt Counselors will contact your client on the day and time they’ve requested and walk them through their savings and benefits, and sign them up should the program be suitable for them.

Step 4: The deal closes, you get paid.