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Start Monetizing The Services
You Don’t Provide!


Credit Card/Medical Debt (Client Only Pays Back 40%) – $250
Private Student Loans (Client Only Pays Back 30%) – $250
STOP Foreclosure/Loan Modification – $100
Tax Settlement – $150
Federal Student Loan Consolidation – $100
Credit Repair – $100

How Does the DebtDiscounts™ Affiliate Program Work?

DebtDiscounts™ is a financial automation marketing Company that enables professionals to monetize the financial services they don’t currently provide without having to sell them or know the specific information of each service. We teach you everything.

As an Affiliate, you’re simply going to “Schedule an Appointment” for your Client in our automated scheduling system.  This means that you are scheduling a call back to your Client by another division of the company on a day and time that works for them. Their information is simply routed to the appropriate division to counsel them on their options while you go back to running your own business. Over time you’ll see their progress in your CRM and then the earned commissions. It’s a beautiful thing!

Every Service that we offer is supported by an email campaign personalized to you, so you can build a list of prospects through email and SMS marketing. These emails and SMS messages are all pre-written for you ensuring your ability to remain in constant contact with them and to propagate new business over time.



 We respect your email privacy.

The Process 

Step 1: Qualify your customer via our Guidelines. We don’t want to waste your Clients time.

Step 2: Fill out the online Lead Form on your website, check off what services they need help with, and submit it. You will be brought to a Scheduling page. Schedule their appointment.

Step 3: A Counselor from that specific program division will contact your client on the day and time they’ve requested and walk them through their savings and benefits, and sign them up. Note: If you submit a form and schedule an appointment for a customer that needs help with back taxes and needs credit card debts resolved, they will have two different counselors speaking with them at 2 different scheduled times.

Step 4: The deal closes, you get paid.